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Main Entry: 2stick
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): stuck /primarystressstschwak/; stick·ing
Etymology: Old English stician
1 a : to stab with something pointed : PIERCE b : to kill by piercing
2 : to cause to penetrate <stuck a needle in my finger>
3 a : to fasten by pushing in : ATTACH <stuck a flower in my buttonhole> b : to push out, up, or under <stuck out my hand>
4 : to put or set in a specified place or position <stuck the cap on my head>
5 : to cling to a surface <snowflakes stuck on the windowpane>
6 a : to bring to a halt : prevent the movement or action of <the car got stuck in traffic> b : 1BAFFLE 1, stump <got stuck on the first problem>
7 a : 1CHEAT 1, defraud b : to burden with something disagreeable <stuck with the job of cleaning up>
8 : to become fixed in place by or as if by gluing <his foot stuck in the mud>
9 a : to remain in a place, situation, or environment <decided to stick where he was> b : to hold to something tightly : CLING <she stuck to her story>
10 : to become blocked or jammed <the desk drawer always sticks>
11 : to be unable to proceed (as through fear or conscience)
- stick one's neck out : to make oneself vulnerable (as to criticism or punishment) by taking a risk
- stick to one's guns : to maintain one's position especially in the face of opposition
- stuck on : infatuated with

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