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Main Entry: thing
Pronunciation: primarystressthieng
Function: noun
1 a : a matter of concern : AFFAIR <many things to do> b plural : state of affairs <things are improving> c : SITUATION 3 <look at this thing another way> d : EVENT 1a, circumstance <the flood was a terrible thing> e : something one does well or likes to do <do your thing>
2 a : 1DEED 1, act <do great things> b : a product of work or activity <likes to build things> c : the aim of effort or activity <the thing is to get well>
3 : a particular object; especially : a lifeless object <how do you work this thing?>
4 a plural : BELONGINGS <pack your things> b : an article of clothing <not a thing to wear>
5 a : 1DETAIL 1b <checks every little thing> b : a material or substance of a particular kind <avoid starchy things>
6 : IDEA 2, notion <says the first thing that comes to mind>
7 : 2INDIVIDUAL <poor little thing>
8 : a piece of news or information <couldn't get a thing out of him>
9 : the proper or fashionable way of behaving, talking, or dressing -- used with the <it is the thing to wear>
10 : a usually mild fear or obsession <has a thing about snakes>
11 : something (as an activity) that makes a strong appeal to the individual <allowed to do their own thing>

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