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Main Entry: 3tear
Pronunciation: primarystressta(schwa)r, primarystresste(schwa)r
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): tore /primarystresstomacr(schwa)r, primarystresstodot(schwa)r/; torn /primarystresstomacr(schwa)rn, primarystresstodot(schwa)rn/; tear·ing
Etymology: Old English teran "to pull apart"
1 a : to separate or pull apart by force <tore a page from the pad> b : to injure by or as if by tearing : LACERATE <tear the skin>
2 : to divide or throw into disorder by the pull of contrary forces <a mind torn by doubts>
3 : to remove by force <children torn from their parents>
4 : to cause by force or violent means <tore a hole in the wall>
5 : to move or act with violence, haste, or force <tearing down the street>
- tear·er noun

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