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Main Entry: 1track
Pronunciation: primarystresstrak
Function: noun
1 a : a mark left by something that has gone by b : PATH 1, trail c : a path along which something is recorded (as on magnetic tape)
2 a : a course laid out for racing b : the parallel rails of a railroad
3 : the course along which something moves or progresses
4 : awareness of things or the order in which things happen or ideas come <lose track of the time> <keep track of expenses>
5 : either of two continuous metal belts on which a vehicle (as a tank or bulldozer) travels
6 : track-and-field sports; especially : those performed on a running track
- track·less /primarystresstrak-lschwas/ adjective
- in one's tracks : where one is at the moment : on the spot
- on track : achieving or doing what is necessary or expected

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