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Main Entry: weird
Pronunciation: primarystresswi(schwa)rd
Function: adjective
Etymology: Old English wyrd (noun) "fate"
1 : of, relating to, or caused by witchcraft or magic
2 : very unusual or strange : FANTASTIC
- weird·ly adverb
- weird·ness noun
Word History The belief in some form of fate, a force that cannot be explained, predicted, or controlled, has been a part of many cultures. When people understood very little of the laws of nature, such a belief may have helped to make it easier to live with life's misfortunes even if it did not make life any more comfortable. The Old English word for "fate" was wyrd. When the English began translating Latin works, they used this word for the Roman Fates, goddesses who were believed to control the events in human lives. When the Fates were described as "weird sisters," the first use of weird as an adjective occurred. People practicing witchcraft were thought to be controlling the wyrd, and in time the Modern English word weird came to refer to things that seemed to happen by magic or that were strange, unusual, or mysterious.

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