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Main Entry: win·dow
Pronunciation: primarystresswin-domacr
Function: noun
Etymology: from early Norse vindauga, literally "wind's eye," from vindr "wind" and auga "eye"
1 : an opening in a wall for letting in light or air
3 : an opening in a partition or wall through which business is conducted <a bank teller's window>
4 : a period of time during which a certain condition exists <a window of opportunity>
5 : any of the areas into which a computer display may be divided and on which distinctly different types of information are displayed
- win·dow·less adjective
Word History The English word window comes from an early Norse word vindauga. Vindauga was formed by a combination of vindr, meaning "wind," and auga, meaning "eye." Vindauga could be translated as "wind's eye." A window can be thought of as an eye, or hole, through which the wind can enter.

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