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Main Entry: with
Pronunciation: (primarystress)with, (primarystress)with
Function: preposition
1 a : in opposition to : AGAINST <fought with his sister> b : FROM 2 <parting with friends>
2 : in shared relation to <talking with a friend> <trade with other countries>
3 : in regard to : TOWARD <angry with her> <on friendly terms with all nations>
4 a : compared to <on equal terms with the others> b : on the side of <voted with the majority> c : as well as <I can debate with the best of them>
5 a : in the judgment or opinion of <it's all right with me> b : in the experience or practice of <with them a promise is a real duty>
6 a : by means of <write with a pen> b : because of <danced with joy>
7 : having or showing as a manner of action or an accompanying fact <spoke with vigor> <stood there with my hat on>
8 a : in possession of : HAVING <animals with horns> b : marked by <a person with a hot temper>
9 a : in the company of <went to the movies with us> b : having or including as a part <costs $5 with the tax> <tea with lemon>
10 a : at the same time as <rose with the sun> b : in proportion to <the pressure varies with the depth>
11 : in the possession or care of <left the money with your mother>
12 : in spite of <with all her cleverness, she failed>
13 : in the direction of <cut with the grain of the fabric>

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