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Main Entry: world
Pronunciation: primarystresswschwar(-schwa)ld
Function: noun
1 : the earth and all the people and things upon it
2 : people in general : HUMANITY
3 : the system of created things : UNIVERSE
4 : the concerns of the earth and human affairs as distinguished from heaven and the life to come
5 : human society <withdraw from the world>
6 : a class of persons sharing a common interest or activity <the musical world>
7 : a part or section of the earth and the people who live in it
8 : the scene of one's life and action <living in your own little world>
9 : a great number or amount <a world of troubles>
10 : a heavenly body (as a planet) especially if lived upon
- in the world : among many possibilities : EVER <what in the world is it>
- out of this world : very good : SUPERB

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