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Main Entry: 1of·fer
Pronunciation: primarystressodotf-schwar, primarystressäf-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): of·fered; of·fer·ing /-(schwa-)rieng/
Etymology: Old English offrian "to present as an act of worship," derived from Latin offerre "to present, offer," from of-, ob- "to, toward" and ferre "to bear, carry" --related to 1DEFER, REFER
1 : to present as an act of worship : SACRIFICE
2 : to present (something) to be accepted or rejected <was offered the job> <offer $10 for the lamp> <offer fruit for sale>
3 a : to present for consideration : SUGGEST <offer a suggestion> b : to declare one's willingness <offered to help>
4 : to try to make or do : PUT UP <offered stubborn resistance>
5 : to make available <the hut offered protection from the wind and rain>
6 : to propose as payment <I'll offer you $700 for that car>

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