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Main Entry: 1break
Pronunciation: primarystressbramacrk
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): broke /primarystressbromacrk/; bro·ken /primarystressbromacr-kschwan/; break·ing
1 a : to separate into parts suddenly or forcibly <break a stick> <glass breaks easily> <break a bone> b : to fracture a bone of <broke her arm> c : to curl over and fall apart <waves breaking against the shore>
2 : to fail to keep : VIOLATE <broke the law> <break a promise>
3 a : to force a way <burglars broke into the house> <break out of jail> b : to appear or burst forth suddenly <day was breaking in the east> <the storm broke> <pandemonium broke loose> c : to become fair <wait for the weather to break> d : to run suddenly <break for cover> e : to penetrate the surface of <fish breaking water>
4 : to cut into and turn over the surface of <break ground for a new school>
5 a : to defeat completely : CRUSH <broke the revolt> b : to lose or cause to lose health, strength, or spirit <broke under the strain> <broken by grief> <the prisoner broke down and confessed> c : to lose or cause to lose the ability to function because of damage, wear, or strain <the TV set is broken> <I broke my watch>
6 : to reduce in rank
7 a : to bring to an end : STOP <break a habit> <broke silence> b : to have or cause an interruption <we'll break to let local stations identify themselves> <broke in with a comment>
8 : to train an animal <break a horse to the saddle>
9 : to make known <break the news>
10 : to turn aside or lessen the force of <the bushes broke his fall>
11 : to do better than <broke the school record>
12 : 2OPEN 1a <break an electric circuit> <broke the shotgun to load it>
13 : SOLVE <broke the code>
14 a : to curve, drop, or change direction sharply <the pitch broke over the plate for a strike> b : to change sharply in tone, pitch, or intensity <her voice broke>
- break·able /primarystressbramacr-kschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- break camp : to pack up and leave a camp or campsite
- break even : to reach a point (as in running a business) where profits match losses
- break into
1 : to begin suddenly <broke into a trot>
2 : to get a start <break into show business>
- break the ice : to make a beginning especially in friendly relations
- break wind : to expel gas from the intestine

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