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Main Entry: 1count
Pronunciation: primarystresskaudotnt
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English counten "to add one by one," from early French counter (same meaning), derived from Latin computare "to count, compute" --related to ACCOUNT, COMPUTE
1 a : to add one by one so as to find the total number of a group of things <count the apples in a box> b : to name the consecutive numbers up to and including <count ten> c : to recite the numbers one by one or by groups <count to one hundred by fives> d : to include in a tally <forty present, counting children>
2 a : CONSIDER 3 <count myself lucky> b : to include or leave out by or as if by counting <count me in> <count me out>
3 a : RELY 2, depend <someone you can count on> b : 2PLAN 1 <counted on going>
4 a : to have value or importance <every vote counts> b : to deserve to be regarded or considered <a job so easy it hardly counts as work>
- count·able /-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- and counting : with more to come <in business for 50 years and counting>
- count on : to look forward to as happening <counted on winning>

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