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Main Entry: 1cov·er
Pronunciation: primarystresskschwav-schwar
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): cov·ered; cov·er·ing /primarystresskschwav-(schwa-)rieng/
1 a : to guard from attack b : to have within range of one's guns c : to provide protection to or against : INSURE <insurance that covers the traveler in any accident> <the policy covered water damage> d : to maintain a check on especially by patrolling <state police covering the highways>
2 a : to hide something from sight or knowledge <cover up a scandal> b : to conceal something dishonest or embarrassing from notice <cover for a friend in an investigation> c : to act as a substitute or replacement <covered for me during my vacation>
3 a : to spread or lie over or on <covered the child with a blanket> <water covered the floor> b : to put something protective or concealing over <cover the mouth while coughing>
4 a : to deal with <a test covering two chapters> b : to provide or plan for <plans covering an emergency>
5 a : to have as one's territory or field of activity <one salesperson covers the whole state> b : to report news about <covered the trial>
6 : to pass over or through <covered 10 miles a day>
7 : to pay or provide for the payment of <cover expenses>
- cov·er·able /primarystresskschwav-(schwa-)rschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- cov·er·er /-schwar-schwar/ noun

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