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Main Entry: dis·pose
Pronunciation: dis-primarystresspomacrz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): dis·posed; dis·pos·ing
1 : 1INCLINE 2 <I was not disposed to go to the meeting>
2 : to put in place or in readiness : ARRANGE <you'll need more room to dispose your legs comfortably>
- dis·pos·er noun
- dispose of
1 : to settle or decide the future, condition, or use of <King James claimed the right to dispose of the whole American continent>
2 a : to transfer to the control of another <disposing of one's property to another> b : to get rid of : put out of the way : DISCARD <how to dispose of radioactive waste>
3 : to take care of : deal with <I have some business to dispose of first>

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