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Main Entry: 1freeze
Pronunciation: primarystressfremacronz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): froze /primarystressfromacrz/; froˇzen /primarystressfromacrz-schwan/; freezˇing
1 : to harden into or be hardened into a solid (as ice) by loss of heat <the river froze over> <freeze the stew for dinner next week>
2 : to be or become uncomfortably cold <turn up the heat--I'm freezing>
3 a : to damage or kill by frost <froze the tomato plants> b : to anesthetize by cold
4 : to stick by or as if by freezing <the clothes froze to the line> <fear froze the driver's hands to the wheel>
5 : to clog or become clogged with ice <the water pipes froze>
6 : to make or become fixed or motionless <the engine froze> <froze in their tracks>
7 : to fix at a certain stage or level <freeze prices>

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