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Main Entry: hear
Pronunciation: primarystresshi(schwa)r
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): heard /primarystresshschward/; hear·ing /primarystresshi(schwa)r-ieng/
1 : to take in through the ear <hear music>; also : to have the power of taking in sound <doesn't hear well>
2 : to gain knowledge of by hearing : LEARN <heard you're leaving>
3 : to listen to : HEED <hear me out>
4 a : to give a legal hearing to <hear a case> b : to take testimony from <hear witnesses>
5 a : to get news <heard from them yesterday> b : to have knowledge <never heard of such a thing>
6 : to consider the idea <wouldn't hear of it>
- hear·er /primarystresshir-schwar/ noun

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