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Main Entry: in·tel·li·gent
Pronunciation: in-primarystresstel-schwa-jschwant
Function: adjective
1 a : possessing intelligence <humans are intelligent beings> b : showing a higher than average degree of intelligence <an intelligent student> c : revealing or reflecting good judgment or sound thought <an intelligent decision>
2 : able to perform computing tasks : controlled by a computer <an intelligent terminal>
- in·tel·li·gent·ly adverb
synonyms INTELLIGENT, CLEVER, ALERT, QUICK-WITTED mean having a sharp mind. INTELLIGENT stresses the ability to deal with new situations and solve problems <intelligent people are needed for police work>. CLEVER suggests a natural ability to find solutions but it may also suggest shallow thinking <clever enough to get by without studying>. ALERT stresses quickness in seeing and understanding something <an alert student saw that there was a catch to the question>. QUICK-WITTED suggests coming up with quick replies in conversation or finding solutions in emergencies <a quick-witted debater> <a quick-witted babysitter put out the fire>.

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