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Main Entry: ir·ra·tio·nal
Pronunciation: (primarystress)ir-primarystress(r)ash-nschwal, -schwan-schwal
Function: adjective
1 : unable to reason <irrational beasts> <irrational from fever>
2 : not based on reason <irrational fear>
3 : being an irrational number <an irrational root of an equation>
- ir·ra·tio·nal·i·ty /(secondarystress)ir-secondarystress(r)ash-schwa-primarystressnal-schwat-emacron/ noun
- ir·ra·tio·nal·ly /(primarystress)ir-primarystress(r)ash-nschwa-lemacron, -schwan-schwal-emacron/ adverb

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