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Main Entry: 1mix
Pronunciation: primarystressmiks
Function: verb
1 : to make into one mass by stirring together : BLEND
2 : to make by combining different things
3 : to become one mass through blending <oil will not mix with water>
4 : to associate with others on friendly terms <mixes well in any company>
5 : CONFUSE 3 <mix up facts>
synonyms MIX, MINGLE, BLEND, COALESCE mean to combine into a whole that is more or less the same throughout. MIX suggests a fairly complete combining in which the elements may or may not lose their individual identities <mix several vegetables for a salad> <mix water and frozen orange juice>. MINGLE suggests that the different elements can still be identified to some degree <the author mingled comic and tragic events in her story>. BLEND suggests a complete uniting of things so that the original parts cannot be separated or recognized <blend milk and canned tomato soup>. COALESCE stresses the action or process of similar things growing into a natural union <the two groups slowly coalesced into one>.

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