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Main Entry: monˇey
Pronunciation: primarystressmschwan-emacron
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural moneys or monˇies /-emacronz/
Etymology: Middle English moneye "money," from early French moneie (same meaning), from Latin moneta "coin, place where coins are made," from Moneta "a special name for the goddess Juno"; so called because the ancient Romans made coins at the temple of Juno Moneta --related to 2MINT
1 a : something (as coins or bills) generally accepted as a way of measuring value, as a way to trade value, and as a way to pay for goods and services b : an amount of money
2 : wealth calculated in terms of money
3 : the first, second, and third place winners in a horse or dog race -- usually used in the phrase in the money
- for one's money : according to one's choice or opinion
Word History The wife of the Roman god Jupiter was Juno, but she was also known by several other names. One of them was Moneta. The Romans made coins at a temple that was dedicated to this goddess. For that reason the name Moneta came to mean "a place where coins are made," and later simply "coin" or "money." The Latin Moneta became moneie in early French. This early French word was borrowed into Middle English as moneye. From it we get the Modern English money.

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