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Main Entry: of·fense
Variant(s): or of·fence /schwa-primarystressfen(t)s, especially for sense 2 primarystressäf-secondarystressen(t)s, primarystressodotf-/
Function: noun
1 : something that offends
2 a : an act of attacking : ASSAULT b : the method of attacking or attempting to score in a game or contest c : the side that is attempting to score
3 a : the act of offending <I meant no offense> b : the state of being offended <takes offense at any criticism>
4 a : a violation of a social or moral code b : a breaking of the law
synonyms OFFENSE, SIN, VICE, CRIME mean a violation of law. OFFENSE applies to the breaking of any law, rule, or code <students will be expelled for major offenses>. SIN applies especially to a breaking of moral law <the sin of greed>. VICE applies to a habit that degrades or ruins <one of their worst vices was gambling>. CRIME applies to a serious offense punishable by the law of the state <robbery is a crime>.

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