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Main Entry: 1school
Pronunciation: primarystressskül
Function: noun
Etymology: Old English scomacrl "a place for learning," from Latin schola (same meaning), from Greek scholemacron "leisure, discussion, lecture, school"
1 a : a place or establishment for teaching and learning <public schools> <a music school> b : a faculty or division within an institution for higher education devoted to teaching, study, and research in a particular area of knowledge : COLLEGE <school of law> <graduate school>
2 a : a session of school <missed school yesterday> b : SCHOOLHOUSE c : the students or students and teachers of a school <the whole school was at the assembly>
3 : a group of persons having the same opinions and beliefs or accepting the same methods or leaders; also : the shared opinions, beliefs, or methods of such a group
Word History The English word school comes from the Greek scholemacron. The original meaning of scholemacron was "leisure." To the Greeks it seemed natural that one's leisure should be spent learning and thinking. Scholemacron therefore came to mean not only "leisure" but also "a place for learning." Many Greeks were later employed by the Romans as teachers, and the Romans borrowed the Greek word as schola. The Latin word schola in time came into Old English as scomacrl.

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