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Main Entry: un·der·write
Pronunciation: primarystressschwan-dschwa(r)-secondarystressrimacrt, secondarystressschwan-dschwa(r)-primarystressrimacrt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): under·wrote /-secondarystressromacrt, -primarystressromacrt/; under·writ·ten /-secondarystressrit-schwan, -primarystressrit-schwan/; under·writ·ing /-secondarystressrimacrt-ieng, -primarystressrimacrt-/
1 : to write under or at the end of something else
2 : to set one's name to (an insurance policy) and thereby agree to insure against specified loss or damage
3 : to agree to
4 a : to agree to purchase (as security issue) usually on a fixed date at a fixed price with a plan of distribution to the public b : to guarantee financial support of <underwrite an expedition>
- un·der·writ·er /primarystressschwan-dschwa(r)-secondarystressrimacrt-schwar/ noun

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