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Main Entry: 1word
Pronunciation: primarystresswschward
Function: noun
1 : a sound or combination of sounds that has meaning and is spoken by a human being
2 : a written or printed letter or letters standing for a spoken word
3 : a brief remark or conversation <could I have a word with you>
4 : 1ORDER 5b <give the word to begin>
5 : NEWS 1 <any word on how they are>
6 : 1PROMISE 1 <I give you my word>
7 : a remark or conversation uttered in anger -- usually used in plural <words were exchanged and a fight broke out>
- good word
1 : a favorable statement <put in a good word for me>
2 : good news <what's the good word>
- in a word : in short
- in so many words
1 : in exactly those words <implied that such behavior was unacceptable but didn't say so in so many words>
2 : in plain straightforward language <told him in so many words that he wasn't welcome>
- of few words : not saying more than is necessary <a man of few words>
- of one's word : that can be relied on to keep a promise <a woman of her word>

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