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Entry Word: active
Function: adjective
Text: 1 being in effective operation <the abandoned factory had not been active for years>
Synonyms alive, functional, functioning, going, living, on, operating, operational, operative, running, working
Related Words effective, effectual; employable, operable, usable, viable, workable; performing, producing, productive, serving, useful, yielding; astir, bustling, busy, dynamic, flourishing, humming, roaring, thriving
Phrases in commission
Near Antonyms deactivated, decommissioned; ineffective, ineffectual, useless; inoperable, unusable, unworkable; arrested, asleep, dormant, fallow, idle, inert, latent, lifeless, nonproductive, quiescent, sleepy, stagnating, unproductive, vegetating
Antonyms broken, dead, inactive, inoperative, nonfunctional, nonfunctioning, nonoperating
2 having much high-spirited energy and movement <the fish are active today, but we still haven't caught anything> -- see LIVELY 1
3 involved in often constant activity <all morning the crowd at the coffeehouse kept Marion and her helper pretty active> -- see BUSY 1