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Entry Word: amiability
Function: noun
Text: 1 the state or quality of having a pleasant or agreeable manner in socializing with others <the waitress's amiability is what makes eating at the diner so much fun>
Synonyms affability, agreeableness, amenity, amiableness, geniality, good-naturedness, good-temperedness, graciousness, niceness, pleasantness, sweetness
Related Words amenability, complaisance; amicability, amity, cordiality, friendliness; benignity, gentleness, kindness; cheerfulness, cheeriness, sunniness; civility, comity, considerateness, consideration, courteousness, courtesy, politeness, thoughtfulness; attractiveness, delightfulness, enjoyableness
Near Antonyms boorishness, discourtesy, impoliteness, incivility, rudeness, ungraciousness; biliousness, cantankerousness, churlishness, crankiness, fussiness, grouchiness, grumpiness, irascibility, irritability, peevishness, petulance, testiness; contentiousness, contrariness, orneriness, querulousness; hostility, unfriendliness
Antonyms disagreeableness, unpleasantness
2 a desire or disposition to please <we had expected our rich cousin to be pushy and snobby, so we were pleasantly surprised by her amiability> -- see COMPLAISANCE