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Entry Word: calm
Function: adjective
Text: 1 free from storms or physical disturbance <after a stormy night of high winds and driving rains, the day dawned on a calm sea>
Synonyms halcyon, hushed, peaceful, placid, quiet, serene, still, stilly, tranquil, untroubled
Related Words calming, pacific, restful, soothing; inactive, inert, quiescent, reposing, resting; smooth, unruffled; clear, cloudless, fair, rainless, sunny, sunshiny
Near Antonyms bleak, cloudy, dirty, foul, nasty, overcast, rainy, raw, rough, squally
Antonyms agitated, angry, stormy, turbulent
2 free from emotional or mental agitation <bystanders tried to help the injured person remain calm while they waited for the ambulance to arrive>
Synonyms collected, composed, cool, coolheaded, placid, self-possessed, serene, tranquil, undisturbed, unperturbed, unshaken, untroubled, unworried
Related Words imperturbable, nerveless, unflappable, unshakable; disciplined, self-contained, self-controlled; affable, breezy, devil-may-care, easygoing, happy-go-lucky, laid-back, low-pressure; carefree, nonchalant, unconcerned; assured, confident, self-assured; aloof, detached, dispassionate, indifferent; impassive, phlegmatic, stolid
Near Antonyms anxious, bothered, distressed, worried; jittery, jumpy, nervous, skittish, tense; high-strung, uptight
Antonyms agitated, discomposed, disturbed, flustered, perturbed, upset
3 free from disturbing noise or uproar <the room became much calmer once the rowdy tour group had left> -- see QUIET 1