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Entry Word: confidence
Function: noun
Text: 1 great faith in oneself or one's abilities <a lifelong confidence that enabled her to achieve great things despite powerful obstacles>
Synonyms aplomb, assurance, self-assurance, self-confidence, self-esteem
Related Words cockiness, complacence, complacency, conceit, conceitedness, ego, egotism, overconfidence, pompousness, pride, self-admiration, self-conceit, self-importance, self-satisfaction, smugness, vainglory, vanity; calmness, composure, coolness, equanimity; self-possession
Near Antonyms apprehension, doubt, misgiving
Antonyms diffidence, self-doubt
2 a state of mind in which one is free from doubt <the confidence with which the game show contestant answered every question>
Synonyms assurance, assuredness, certainty, certitude, conviction, positiveness, sureness
Related Words authoritarianism, dogmatism; decisiveness, firmness, resolution
Near Antonyms hesitancy, hesitation, indecisiveness, irresolution
Antonyms doubt, incertitude, nonconfidence, uncertainty
3 firm belief in the integrity, ability, effectiveness, or genuineness of someone or something <as players, we have complete confidence in our coach> -- see TRUST 1
4 information shared only with another or with a select few <accused him of betraying a confidence> -- see SECRET 1