Student Thesaurus

One entry found for cruel.
Entry Word: cruel
Function: adjective
Text: 1 having or showing the desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on others <a cruel dictator who tortured anyone who dared to speak out against him> <cruel and unusual punishments are forbidden by the U.S. Constitution>
Synonyms barbaric, barbarous, brutal, heartless, inhumane, sadistic, savage, vicious, wanton
Related Words cutthroat, merciless, pitiless, ruthless; fell, ferocious, grim; bloodthirsty, murderous, sanguinary, sanguine; catty, despiteful, hateful, malevolent, malicious, malign, malignant, mean, nasty, spiteful
Near Antonyms tender, warm, warmhearted; charitable, clement, lenient, merciful, pitying; pacific, peaceable, peaceful
Antonyms benign, benignant, compassionate, good-hearted, humane, kind, kindhearted, sympathetic, tenderhearted
2 difficult to endure <the cruel climate of the Arctic> -- see HARSH 1
3 hard to accept or bear especially emotionally <the cruel situation of being orphaned at an early age> -- see BITTER 2
4 having or showing a desire to cause someone pain or suffering for the sheer enjoyment of it <the bully was fond of making cruel little jabs at his victim's sore points> -- see HATEFUL