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Entry Word: culture
Function: noun
Text: 1 a high level of taste and enlightenment as a result of extensive intellectual training and exposure to the arts <because of its wide reputation as a place of culture, Boston became known as "the Athens of America">
Synonyms civilization, cultivation, polish, refinement
Related Words education, erudition, learning, literacy, scholarship; sophistication, urbanity; breeding, gentility, manners; class, elegance, grace, taste; civility, courtesy, politeness
Near Antonyms ignorance, illiteracy; parochialism, provincialism, unsophistication; boorishness, churlishness, clownishness, coarseness, crudeness, vulgarity
Antonyms philistinism
2 the way people live at a particular time and place <a study of ancient Anasazi culture as it existed in the canyons of the American Southwest> -- see CIVILIZATION 1