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Entry Word: decline
Function: noun
Text: 1 a gradual sinking and wasting away of mind or body <her sad decline from a robust athlete to an old woman with arthritis>
Synonyms debilitation, decay, decaying, declension, degeneration, descent, deterioration, ebbing, enfeeblement, weakening
Related Words atrophy; exhaustion; drooping, flagging, limping; relapse, setback
Near Antonyms invigoration, strengthening; progress
Antonyms improvement, recovery, revitalization
2 a change to a lower state or level <the decline of the Roman Empire>
Synonyms decadence, declension, degeneracy, degeneration, degradation, descent, deterioration, downfall, downgrade, fall
Related Words decay, rotting, spoiling; breakup, crumbling, decomposition, disintegration, dissolution; abasement, debasement; depreciation, lessening; decimation, demolishment, demolition, desolation, destruction, havoc, ruin, ruination; abatement, decrease, decrement, de-escalation, deflation, diminishment, diminution, dip, drop, fall, loss, lowering, reduction, sag, shrinkage
Near Antonyms advancement, development, evolution, growth; blossoming, flourishing, flowering; renewal, restoration, revitalization; heightening; accretion, accrual, addendum, addition, augmentation, boost, enhancement, gain, increase, increment, raise, supplement
Antonyms ascent, rise, upswing
3 a loss of status <the engagement at the small club was an unmistakable sign of the rock band's decline> -- see COMEDOWN
4 the amount by which something is lessened <a huge decline in the value of the artwork after its authenticity was questioned> -- see DECREASE