Student Thesaurus

One entry found for dexterous.
Entry Word: dexterous
Function: adjective
Text: also dextrous
1 skillful with the hands <the dexterous watchmaker was able to repair the tiny gears and parts in the antique watch>
Synonyms clever, cunning, deft, handy
Related Words agile, flexible, graceful, limber, lissome (also lissom), lithe, nimble, spry; coordinated; adept, competent, expert, masterful, masterly, proficient, skilled, skillful; double-jointed, loose-jointed
Near Antonyms awkward, bungling, clumsy, fumbling, gawky; uncoordinated; incompetent, inept, maladroit
Antonyms butterfingered, heavy-handed, unhandy
2 accomplished with trained ability <dexterous handling of a potentially embarrassing situation> -- see SKILLFUL