Student Thesaurus

One entry found for doubtful.
Entry Word: doubtful
Function: adjective
Text: 1 not feeling sure about the truth, wisdom, or trustworthiness of someone or something <he was doubtful about the decision to complete the project despite its mounting problems>
Synonyms distrustful, dubious, mistrustful, skeptical, suspicious, uncertain, unconvinced, undecided, unsettled, unsure
Related Words diffident, insecure; hesitant, indecisive, irresolute, vacillating, wavering
Phrases on the fence
Near Antonyms assured, confident, sanguine, self-assured; decisive, determined, resolute
Antonyms certain, convinced, positive, sure
2 giving good reason for being doubted, questioned, or challenged <the election results were highly doubtful, so an investigation was begun>
Synonyms debatable, disputable, doubtable, dubious, equivocal, fishy, problematic (also problematical), questionable, shady, shaky, suspect, suspicious
Related Words moot; ambiguous, open, unclear; uncertain, undecided, undetermined; far-fetched, flimsy, improbable, unlikely
Near Antonyms decisive, definitive; clear, obvious, open-and-shut, positive
Antonyms certain, incontestable, indisputable, indubitable, sure, undeniable, undoubted, unquestionable
3 not likely to be true or to occur <our winning the championship increasingly looks like a doubtful outcome> -- see IMPROBABLE
4 open to question or dispute <a doubtful claim to the property> -- see DEBATABLE 1