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Entry Word: end
Function: noun
Text: 1 the stopping of a process or activity <the end of hostilities brought general rejoicing>
Synonyms cessation, close, closure, conclusion, discontinuance, ending, expiration, finish, halt, lapse, shutdown, shutoff, stop, stoppage, surcease, termination
Related Words abeyance, interruption, moratorium, suspension
Near Antonyms extension, persistence, prolongation
Antonyms continuation
2 a real or imaginary point beyond which a person or thing cannot go <I'm at the end of my patience with these little brats> -- see LIMIT
3 an unused or unwanted piece or item typically of small size or value <a couple of ends of wallpaper were all that was left after we finished papering the room> -- see 1SCRAP 1
4 something that one hopes or intends to accomplish <in this case the ends definitely do not justify the means> -- see GOAL
5 the last and usually sharp or tapering part of something long and narrow <a child's pair of scissors with blunt ends> -- see POINT 2
6 the last part of a process or action <the war wasn't yet over, but we were definitely at the beginning of the end> -- see FINALE
7 the line or relatively narrow space that marks the outer limit of something <the ends of his shirt cuffs were badly frayed> -- see BORDER 1
8 the permanent stopping of all the vital bodily activities <Henry Hudson and eight others were set adrift in the bay in a small boat, and how they met their end is unknown> -- see DEATH 1