Student Thesaurus

One entry found for flow.
Entry Word: flow
Function: verb
Text: 1 to move in a stream <water was flowing over the dam at a tremendous rate>
Synonyms pour, roll, run, stream
Related Words arise, emanate, issue, spring; course, race, rush; gush, spout, spurt; deluge, engulf, flood, inundate, overflow, swamp; cascade, dribble, drip, gutter, riffle, ripple, trickle; flush, wash out
Near Antonyms clot, coagulate, congeal, gel, harden, set
Antonyms back up
2 to move or proceed smoothly and readily <as everyone relaxed, the conversation really started to flow>
Synonyms bowl, breeze, coast, drift, glide, roll, sail, skim, slide, slip, stream, sweep, whisk
Related Words fly, race, rush, speed
Near Antonyms limp, lumber, plod, stumble, trudge; shamble, shuffle; stamp, stomp, stump, tramp; labor, toil
Antonyms flounder, struggle