Student Thesaurus

One entry found for forbid.
Entry Word: forbid
Function: verb
Text: to order not to do or use or to be done or used <smoking is forbidden throughout the building> <we forbid you to see him>
Synonyms ban, bar, enjoin, interdict, outlaw, prohibit, proscribe
Related Words deter, discourage, dissuade; repress, suppress; halt, preclude, prevent, stop; embargo, exclude, rule out, shut out; debar, deprive, disallow, reject, veto; check, curb, inhibit, restrain; block, hinder, impede, obstruct
Near Antonyms approve, endorse (also indorse), sanction; authorize, license (also licence); abet, encourage, promote, support; bid, command, order; abide, bear, endure, tolerate
Antonyms allow, let, permit, suffer