Student Thesaurus

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Entry Word: general
Function: adjective
Text: 1 belonging or relating to the whole <a general increase in postage rates> <there's been a general improvement in the economy>
Synonyms blanket, common, generic, global, overall, universal
Related Words broad, collective, comprehensive, extensive, pervasive, sweeping, ubiquitous, wholesale, wide, widespread; complete, full, plenary; planetary, worldwide
Near Antonyms component, constituent; cross-sectional, divisional, fragmentary, partial; local, localized, regional, sectional
Antonyms individual, particular
2 relating to the main elements and not to specific details <gave the general impression of being kindhearted> <a general course of study in American history>
Synonyms all-around (also all-round), bird's-eye, broad, nonspecific, overall
Related Words comprehensive, inclusive; absolute, boundless, expansive, extensive, infinite, panoramic, sweeping, vast, wide; indeterminate, nebulous, nondescript, vague; nonspecific, unlimited, unrestricted, unspecified
Near Antonyms limited, restricted, specified; distinct, explicit, precise, sharp; comprehensive, elaborate, full, mapped (out), thorough; enumerated, inventoried, itemized, listed; individual, singular; particular, peculiar
Antonyms delineated, detailed, particularized, specific
3 held by or applicable to a majority of the people <it was the general opinion that the politician was a liar> <the general mood of the nation was one of hope and optimism>
Synonyms common, public, popular, prevailing, vulgar
Related Words unanimous, universal; pop; everyday, familiar, household, usual, well-known; contemporary, current, present; dominant, predominant, preponderant; characteristic, typical; pandemic, pervasive, prevalent, rife, widespread; communal, shared
Near Antonyms rare, strange, unknown, unusual; distinctive, especial, idiosyncratic, peculiar, special, unique; individual, separate, singular; nonpublic, personal, private
Antonyms uncommon, unpopular
4 not limited or specialized in application or purpose <a new kitchen tool of general usefulness>
Synonyms all-around (also all-round), all-purpose, unlimited, unqualified, unrestricted, unspecialized
Related Words broad, wide; nonspecific, unspecified, vague
Near Antonyms bounded, circumscribed, confined, definite, demarcated, determinate, finite, qualified
Antonyms limited, restricted, specialized, technical