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Entry Word: gentle
Function: adjective
Text: 1 not harsh or stern especially in manner, nature, or effect <use a gentle detergent on that delicate silk blouse> <the pastor had a gentle disposition that calmed everyone he met>
Synonyms balmy, benign, bland, delicate, light, mellow, mild, soft, soothing, tender
Related Words sleek, slick, smooth; calm, pacific, peaceful, placid, quiet, serene, tranquil; clement, compassionate, easy, lenient, merciful; buffering, cushioning, softening
Near Antonyms exquisite, fierce, intense, powerful, severe; forceful, forcible, savage, violent; roughened, rugged, strong; abrading, irritating, roughening; grim, gruff, rude, stiff; heavy-handed, oppressive, tyrannical (also tyrannic)
Antonyms abrasive, caustic, coarse, hard, harsh, rough, scathing, stern, ungentle
2 marked by temperatures that are neither too high nor too low <whisk the egg yolks in a double boiler set over a gentle heat> -- see CLEMENT
3 of high birth, rank, or station <loved reading about the days when gentle lords and ladies danced at fancy balls> -- see NOBLE 1