Student Thesaurus

One entry found for govern.
Entry Word: govern
Function: verb
Text: 1 to exercise authority or power over <the president is elected in order to govern the country>
Synonyms boss, captain, command, control, preside (over), rule
Related Words conduct, direct, head, lead; administer, manage, oversee, regulate, superintend, supervise; dictate, dominate, domineer, lord (it over), master, oppress, reign (over), tyrannize; conquer, subdue, subjugate
2 to keep from exceeding a desirable degree or level (as of expression) <you need to govern your speech and be able to communicate your frustration without resorting to profanity> -- see CONTROL 1
3 to look after and make decisions about <the student council's finances are governed by the treasurer> -- see CONDUCT 1