Student Thesaurus

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Entry Word: harden
Function: verb
Text: 1 to become physically firm or solid <waited for the bubbly caramel-and-nut sauce to cool and harden into peanut brittle>
Synonyms concrete, congeal, firm (up), freeze, set, solidify
Related Words cake, callus, encrust (also incrust); coagulate, clot, gel, jell, jelly, stiffen, thicken; calcify, crystallize, ossify, petrify; anneal, case harden, temper
Near Antonyms deliquesce, dissolve, flux, fuse, liquefy, melt, smelt, thaw
Antonyms soften
2 to make able to withstand physical hardship, strain, or exposure <pioneer women who had been hardened by years of living on the plains>
Synonyms fortify, inure, season, steel, strengthen, toughen
Related Words acclimate, acclimatize, adapt, adjust; anneal, temper; invigorate, vitalize; immunize; bolster, boost, brace, buttress, forearm, prop (up), reinforce, support; break in, limber (up), train; accustom, condition, habituate, naturalize
Near Antonyms emasculate, enervate, enfeeble, exhaust, sap, weaken; cripple, debilitate, incapacitate; sensitize
Antonyms soften
3 to increase the ability of (as a muscle) to exert physical force <arm muscles that were hardened by all the years of casting and hauling his fishing nets> -- see STRENGTHEN 1