Student Thesaurus

One entry found for harmonious.
Entry Word: harmonious
Function: adjective
Text: 1 having a pleasing mixture of notes <the naturally harmonious sounds of a forest glen in springtime>
Synonyms euphonious, harmonizing, melodious, musical, symphonic, tuneful
Related Words blending, chiming, flowing, mellifluous; dulcet, mellow, melodic, sweet; echoing, resonant, sonorous; quavering, trilling, warbling; agreeable, appealing, pleasant; cadenced, lilting, lyric, lyrical, rhythmic (or rhythmical); chordal, harmonic, homophonic, orchestral, polyphonic, tonal
Near Antonyms blaring, clanging, clashing, clattering, grating, harsh, jangling, jarring, metallic, raspy, raucous, scratching, screeching, shrill, squeaky, strident; disagreeable, unpleasant, unpleasing; atonal, off-key
Antonyms discordant, dissonant, inharmonious, unharmonious, unmelodious, unmusical
2 having the parts agreeably related <a harmonious arrangement of archways and doorways in the palace courtyard>
Synonyms balanced, congruous, consonant
Related Words even, proportioned, regular, symmetrical (or symmetric); aesthetic (or esthetic), artistic, becoming, elegant, graceful, tasteful; agreeable, felicitous, pleasant, pleasing, satisfying; compatible, coordinated, correspondent, matched, matching
Near Antonyms asymmetrical, disordered, irregular, skewed, unequal, uneven, unsymmetrical; distasteful, graceless, inartistic, inelegant, tasteless, unaesthetic, unbecoming, ungraceful, unlovely; disagreeable, displeasing, dissatisfying, infelicitous, unfortunate, unpleasant, unsightly; clashing, conflicting, disunited, incompatible, uncoordinated
Antonyms incongruous, inharmonious, unbalanced
3 having or marked by agreement in feeling or action <an unusually harmonious meeting among the leaders resulted in a quick peace agreement>
Synonyms agreeable, amicable, compatible, congenial, frictionless, kindred, unanimous, united
Related Words pacific, peaceable, peaceful; collaborating, cooperative, symbiotic; noncompetitive, nonconflicting, uncompetitive; sympathetic, tolerant, understanding; affable, amiable, cordial, friendly, genial, neighborly; collaborating
Near Antonyms antagonistic, antipathetic, clashing, conflicting, hostile, inimical, unfriendly; belligerent, contentious, quarrelsome; contradicting, contradictory, contrary, opposing, opposite; competing, competitive, rivaling (or rivalling)
Antonyms disagreeable, disunited, incompatible, inharmonious, uncongenial
4 not having or showing any apparent conflict <no form of social discrimination can ever be harmonious with the basic principles and ideals of our nation> -- see CONSISTENT