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Entry Word: heavy
Function: adjective
Text: 1 having great weight <this trunk full of books is much too heavy for one person to lift>
Synonyms hefty, massive, ponderous, weighty
Related Words burdensome, leaden, lumpish; bulky, elephantine, outsize; overweight, top-heavy; solid, substantial
Near Antonyms airy, ethereal, feathery, gossamer, gossamery; flimsy, fluffy, insubstantial
Antonyms light, lightweight, weightless
2 causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest <history doesn't have to be all dull heavy reading and memorizing dates> -- see BORING
3 containing much seasoning, fat, or sugar <avoid heavy desserts like cheesecake and pecan pie> -- see RICH 2
4 covered over by clouds <heavy skies threatening rain> -- see OVERCAST
5 difficult to endure <ignoring common sense, she drank the parasite-infested pond water and paid a heavy penalty for it> -- see HARSH 1
6 extreme in degree, power, or effect <heavy rains> <heavy debt> -- see INTENSE
7 having a matter of importance as its topic <got into a heavy discussion about death and the afterlife> -- see SERIOUS 2