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Entry Word: hint
Function: noun
Text: 1 a slight or indirect pointing to something (as a solution or explanation) <can't you give me some hint as to where you're taking me?>
Synonyms clue, cue, indication, inkling, intimation, lead, suggestion
Related Words breath, flicker, glimmer, glimpse, mention, scent, whiff, wind; hunch, idea, inspiration, notion; allusion, implication, inference, innuendo, insinuation; evidence, mark, overtone, pointer, sign, signal, telltale, token; assistance, nod, prompt, tip, tip-off, wink; feeling, foreboding, intuition, premonition, presentiment, suspicion; augury, foreshadower, foretaste, omen, portent, prefigurement, symptom
Near Antonyms answer, solution
2 a piece of advice or useful information especially from an expert <some helpful hints for surviving middle school> -- see 1TIP 1
3 a very small amount <I detect just a hint of mint in the sauce> -- see PARTICLE 1