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Entry Word: honor
Function: noun
Text: 1 faithfulness to high moral standards <the mayor, a man of honor, never broke a promise to the voters>
Synonyms honesty, integrity, probity, rectitude, righteousness, uprightness
Related Words blamelessness, character, conscientiousness, decency, fairness, high-mindedness, incorruptibility, justice, morality, nobility, reputability, respectability, scrupulousness, virtue, virtuousness
Near Antonyms corruptibility, corruption, corruptness, debasement, decadence, degeneracy, depravity, disgracefulness, disreputableness, dissipation, dissoluteness, looseness, perversion, profligacy, shamelessness, venality; blameworthiness, criminality, crookedness, dishonesty, immorality, unrighteousness, unscrupulousness; knavery, rascality, roguishness; meanness, reprehensibleness, rottenness, sinfulness, vileness, villainy, wretchedness
Antonyms baseness, lowness
2 an asset that brings praise or renown <a dedicated, caring teacher who is an honor to the teaching profession> -- see GLORY 2
3 public acknowledgment or admiration for an achievement <the honor we give to our soldiers on Veterans Day> -- see GLORY 1
4 something given in recognition of achievement <has received several honors from the Boy Scouts for his many years of service> -- see AWARD
5 something granted as a special favor <it will be an honor for me to show your aunt around the city> -- see PRIVILEGE