Student Thesaurus

One entry found for immovable.
Entry Word: immovable
Function: adjective
Text: 1 incapable of moving or being moved <that boulder is immovable, even with a bulldozer>
Synonyms immobile, irremovable, nonmotile, nonmoving, unbudging, unmovable
Related Words motionless, moveless, static, stationary, still, unmoving; fast, fixed, rooted, steadfast, stuck, wedged
Near Antonyms portable, removable, transferable, transportable
Antonyms mobile, motile, movable (or moveable), moving
2 sticking to an opinion, purpose, or course of action in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion <despite tears and pleading, the principal was immovable on the matter of automatic suspension for obscene language> -- see OBSTINATE