Student Thesaurus

One entry found for indirect.
Entry Word: indirect
Function: adjective
Text: not straightforward or direct <the cab driver took a very indirect route to the hotel> <a long-winded, indirect answer to a very simple question>
Synonyms circuitous, circular, roundabout
Related Words crooked, serpentine, sinuous, tortuous, twisting, winding; meandering, rambling, wandering; circumlocutory, long-winded, prolix, verbose; deceitful, deceptive, devious, dishonest, duplicitous, insidious, misleading, sneaky, underhand, underhanded; calculating, crafty, cunning, subtle, tricky
Near Antonyms candid, forthright, frank, honest, open, plain, unconcealed, undisguised
Antonyms direct, straight, straightforward