Student Thesaurus

One entry found for insipid.
Entry Word: insipid
Function: adjective
Text: 1 lacking in taste or flavor <an apple pie with a mushy, insipid filling that strongly resembled soggy cardboard>
Synonyms flat, flavorless, savorless, tasteless
Related Words bland, dilute, thin, watery, weak; plain, unflavored
Near Antonyms disgusting, distasteful, loathsome, sickening, unappetizing, unpalatable; appetizing, delectable, delicious, palatable, toothsome; piquant, seasoned, spicy; flavored; heavy, rich
Antonyms flavorful, savory, tasty
2 lacking in qualities that make for spirit and character <an insipid and somewhat boring movie about teenagers in love> -- see WISHY-WASHY 1