Student Thesaurus

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Entry Word: liberal
Function: adjective
Text: 1 not bound by traditional ways or beliefs <parents who take a very liberal attitude toward letting their children stay out late>
Synonyms broad-minded, nonconventional, nonorthodox, nontraditional, open-minded, progressive, radical, unconventional, unorthodox
Related Words advanced, contemporary, modern; forbearing, indulgent, lenient, permissive, tolerant; extreme; impartial, objective, unbiased
Near Antonyms hard, rigid, strict; doctrinal, dogmatic; bigoted, intolerant, narrow-minded; reactionary
Antonyms conservative, conventional, nonprogressive, old-fashioned, orthodox, traditional
2 being more than enough without being excessive <he always puts liberal amounts of grated cheese on his pizza> -- see PLENTIFUL
3 giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation <the woman who lives next door is known to be a liberal dispenser of Halloween candy> -- see GENEROUS 1