Student Thesaurus

One entry found for meager.
Entry Word: meager
Function: adjective
Text: or meagre
less plentiful than what is normal, necessary, or desirable <ever since he started the diet, his dinners have been more meager than he would like>
Synonyms hand-to-mouth, light, niggardly, poor, scant, scanty, scarce, skimpy, slender, slim, spare, sparse, stingy
Related Words deficient, inadequate, insufficient, lacking, wanting; bare, mere, minimum; slight, small; barren, infertile, sterile, unfruitful, unproductive
Near Antonyms adequate, enough, sufficient; fat, fecund, fertile, fruitful, prolific, rich; lavish, luxuriant; blooming, bursting, flourishing, swarming, teeming, thriving
Antonyms abundant, ample, bountiful, copious, generous, liberal, plenteous, plentiful