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Entry Word: outfit
Function: noun
Text: 1 clothing chosen as appropriate for a specific situation <you'll need a special outfit for the scout troop> <do you want to buy a new outfit for the Halloween party?>
Synonyms costume, dress, garb, getup, guise, togs
Related Words apparel, attire, clothes, duds, raiment; fashion, mode, style; array, caparison, vestments
2 a commercial or industrial activity or organization <they're an outfit specializing in travel tours for senior citizens> -- see ENTERPRISE 1
3 a group of people working together on a task <the whole outfit quit early for lunch> -- see GANG 1
4 items needed for the performance of a task or activity <you'll need to requisition the full hiking outfit from the supply> -- see EQUIPMENT
5 the distinctive clothing worn by members of a particular group <the highway patrol outfit includes jackboots and a high-crowned hat> -- see UNIFORM