Student Thesaurus

One entry found for perceptible.
Entry Word: perceptible
Function: adjective
Text: able to be perceived by a sense or by the mind <you should note a perceptible temperature change when you add the second element>
Synonyms appreciable, detectable, discernible, distinguishable, palpable, sensible
Related Words audible, observable, tangible, visible; clear, conspicuous, evident, eye-catching, manifest, noticeable, obvious, plain, prominent, striking; apparent, distinct, significant, straightforward
Near Antonyms inaudible, intangible, invisible; inconspicuous, indistinct, unnoticeable; faint, insignificant, slight, trivial; buried, concealed, covert, disguised, hidden, obscure, shrouded, vague
Antonyms impalpable, imperceptible, inappreciable, indistinguishable, insensible